Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2

Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2

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Get a more reliable home internet connection with the Telstra Smart Modem™ Gen 2. It switches from the fixed line network to Telstra's mobile network if needed.

This modem can be used with any nbn connection. Your internet provider will provide the additional hardware (nbn connection device) required for Fibre to the Curb, Hybrid Fibre Coaxial or Fixed Wireless. For Fibre to the Node, this modem is all you need.

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The Telstra Smart Modem™ Gen 2 has the power to use both nbn and mobile networks, allowing you to:

  • Get online even before your nbn has been activated. Using its inbuilt, pre-activated SIM, it connects to the Telstra mobile network right out of the box.
  • Keep using the internet if there’s a problem with your nbn connection. Your modem will automatically switch to Telstra's mobile network if required, then switch back once the issue is resolved.

What you can do with the Telstra Smart Modem™ Gen 2:

  • Access Telstra's 4G service on the Telstra Mobile Network using the inbuilt SIM card, as well as your internet connection via ADSL2+ or VDSL2 (Fibre to the Node)
  • Enjoy the fastest ratified Wi-Fi standard of 4x4 802.11ac
  • Easily pair wireless devices using the WPS push-button connection
  • Connect multiple devices to its four gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Make fast transfers using the 3.0 USB port
  • One DSL Port for ADSL2+ and VDSL2
  • Set up a flexible network with dual band capability (2.4GHz and 5GHz)

Technical stuff

  • Inbuilt, pre-activated SIM to connect to 4G when required
  • DSL port for your ADSL2+ or VDSL2 home broadband connection
  • 4x4 802.11ac – the fastest ratified Wi-Fi standard
  • one 3.0 USB port
  • one gigabit Ethernet WAN port
  • four gigabit Ethernet ports
  • WPS push button
  • Dual band capability (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
  • 256MB RAM