Hacked Website Recovery Service

Hacked Website Recovery Service

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If you've been hacked, we can help. We're experts at website recovery and will work quickly to get your site back up and running. We'll also help you secure your site to prevent future attacks.

Recovery times

We will do our best to recovery your website as quick as possible. You can accelerate recovery time by choosing the High priority option.

Priority  Hours to recovery
Normal 10 hours
High 20 hours 

The recovery time depends on the extent of damage but we will do our best to recover with 10 working hours. For the high priority we dedicate a person immediately to cleaning up your website.

Remove Website Malware

Any malicious code in your website's file system and database will be removed and your site will be restored.

Repair SEO Spam

SEO spam keywords and link injections can damage your brand. Be sure your website looks right in search engines.

Remove Blocklist Status

Did you know that websites with security warnings lose 95% of their traffic? Don't worry, though - we submit blocklist removal requests on your behalf.

Prevent Future Attacks

We configure a website firewall to block attacks by filtering malicious traffic. We stop hacks and speed up your site.