1Password Integration
1Password Integration
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1Password Integration

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Are you burdened by the chaos of insecure password storage methods like Word, Excel, or even your browser's password manager? Now is the time to revolutionize your approach.

1Password, a trusted partner to 80,000+ businesses, brings top-tier security while maintaining ease-of-use.

Unleashing Power of 1Password

From safeguarding business credentials to securing sensitive data, 1Password is your definitive enterprise-grade password manager.

Advantages of 1Password

  • Abandon password memory challenges
  • Revamp password sharing - discard the risky spreadsheet
  • Experience seamless autofill across devices/apps
  • Avoid frantic rush for expiring authenticator codes
  • Enhance security with physical key protection for your online profiles

Value-Added Integration Service

  • Streamlined setup for each team member across three devices
  • Effortless password import from your browser or spreadsheet
  • Enable 1Password as the primary password autofill tool
  • In-depth tutorial on how to maximize 1Password's capabilities

Investment Overview

Entry-Level: $4.99 USD/month (annual billing) for 1Password Families, securing up to 5 users. Additional user at $1 USD/month.

Best Value for up to 10 Users: $19.95 USD/month for 1Password Teams Starter Pack, featuring risk detection and selective login sharing.

For Large Teams: $7.99 USD/user/month for Business Plan offering report generation, advanced controls, and seamless integrations.